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    Get more customers with superior results
    With our campaigns CPL
    We create attractive marketing campaigns to obtain interested clients for your company via Cost Per Lead and with our Real Time platform..


Our unique algorithms move ads where they generate the most attention and ensures segmentation of the economic profile of the user desired. All the time. And in cooperation with advertising agencies, we also create the best possible conditions to make an existing campaign mobile.

Scalability and monitoring

Own Technology

All of our services have been integrated in our platform with “katrix socket™“ technology that allows to obtain information from the leads, clicks, impressions and real time conversions.

Escalability, experience and transparency.


From the beggining Spanacom group has offered cutting edge technologies developed from scratch in our offices. Having invested more than 3 million pounds in R+D consistently.

Flexible and customizable

Multichannel Solution

Our other cloud solution is a Call Center VoIP platform that eradicates your telephone bill, designed, for Call Centers that make plenty* of local and international calls.

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Own CPL Platform

Clicks, impressions, leads and conversions in real time with our technology “katrix socket“™.

From the platform you can view your active campaigns and track clicks, conversions and leads generated in rigorous real time.

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Range of services

Our campaigns will help you get more potential customers to your target audience, thanks to our own technologies that will help you get a higher conversion rate

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Coverage and Rates

Learn about our pricing per lead and technology that allow us ensure that our leads are of the highest quality.

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We are at your disposal to advise you to choose the best telecommunication solutions.

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